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Spelling Fridge

1.5 usd

WOW !! This is the full version of the tried and tested Spelling Fridge This new innovative app, used to improve children s spelling on the go or at home.
This exciting new app does not only test your child but teaches your child how to spell. Words pre recorded so your child can hear the word as many times as they need with built in test after every 5 words.
This app s built in words are used in schools to test children on their spelling and reading.KS1 & KS2 "high frequency words" used to test children and schools in the national curriculum testing.
There is a unique test feature to test your child after every 5 words to make realistic goals for your child so they feel they have accomplished their goal to encourage them to learn more.
This fantastic app has been endorsed by children and parents who use this app.It has been tried and tested to get the results your looking for.
So when your child is getting top marks in there tests let them be prepared and get ahead.
Customized words added in seconds with voice recording feature. So kids spelling tests from school quickly put on to app, will teach and test your child leaving you more quality time with your children.
If your child needs extra help with spelling or you want them to get ahead this app is the app for you.
* Languages - English* Built in "High Frequency Words"* Different levels of difficulty* Collections of words by length * Unique Test Feature * Audio - Clear voice feature * Simple design and very intuitive for children* High-quality graphic
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